Land Acknowledgment

Nature’s Backpack Land-Based Learning Centre is grateful to live, work, and play in the traditional lands of the Peskotomuhkati Nation within the Wabanaki Confederacy, protected by the living, and reaffirmation of the Covenant Chain, known as the 2016 New Wampum: Peace, Trust, and Friendship Treaty. It is our intention to learn the stories of the land which we operate our programs on of both the human and non human world. The land has been influenced by the Indigenous peoples who have been stewarding it for since time immemorial, and by settlers who now call this place home and who are disconnected from the land and their way of life relies heavily on its exploitation. Through these influences, the land holds stories of colonization, displacement, and resource extraction as well as stewardship, reciprocity, resilience and healing. We are committed to the process of decolonizing education together write new stories in a way that reflects both the indigenous worldview as well as non-indigenous teachings.