Location: 154 McMinn Road, Rollingdam, NB
Ages: 6-11 (grades 1-5)
Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm (September – June)

Term 1: $2400 or $600/month  (September 7 – December 23)
Term 2: $3600 or $600/month  (January 10 – June 24)
Annual Payment $5500
2021/2022 Program options:
Part-time Enrichment Programs (1& 2 day/week options)
Thursdays: Earth Works
Fridays: Earth Art and Sound

Tuesday – Emergent Curriculum
Wednesday – Emergent Curriculum
Thursday – Earth Work Days
Friday – Expressive Arts


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Nature’s Backpack’s mission is to inspire passion for wellness and the outdoors by nurturing youth in transformational outdoor experiences while nurturing the mind, heart, and body. We achieve this through:

  • Hands-on projects
  • Mindful moments and expressive arts
  • Wilderness and naturalist skills
  • Interaction with elders and more

Nature’s Backpack Land-Based Learning and Wellness provides nature immersion and mentorship for children and community. We have designed an effective and fun holistic approach to the overall health and well-being of children. Our program offers a much-needed alternative to the formal indoor classroom setting, for ages 6-11.

What to Expect from Our Offerings:
We offer programs for all ages in Charlotte County, in all weather.

  • We will guide participants to dress and gear up for any weather condition in a way that is extremely affordable and mindful of the environmental/social impact of making these decisions.
  • Weather and the various forms “snow,” “rain,” “dirt,” etc. can have, reading the radar, sky, water, wind using the senses, mindfulness, and pattern recognition.
  • Mindfulness and focus on the present moment 
  • Elements: water, earth, fire, air, ether
  • Naturalist perspectives on plants, animals, insects, rocks, fungi, lichen, etc. 
  • Tracking 
  • Risk assessment and how to handle and mitigate hazards
  • Navigation 
  • Shelter building
  • Fire building
  • Carving and safe, practical knife skills (staff will assess for readiness)
  • Leadership skills and practice
  • Storytelling
  • Imaginative play with opportunities to share 
  • Meditation: developing safe space within to be alone, to find calm, to restore, quiet time
  • Yoga and qigong: the basics of time-tested practices that help balance the energy and mind
  • Self-expression: visual arts, writing, sounds, movement, performance
  • Forest bathing, Shin-rin Yoku
  • Local/regional history: geology, social (pre and post colonist) 
  • Gratitude practice
  • Deep listening: to the world around us, to each other, and to the Self


  • Global competencies that develop academic achievement and well being
  • Transformative: confidence, resilience, independence, interdependence
  • Improves academics: increase focus, attention, creativity, innovation, problem solving, critical
  • Thinking, passion to learn
  • Mental health benefits – widely revered as the best way to address and treat Nature Deficit Disorder, to minimize the symptoms of trauma, dissociation, ADHD, substance abuse, and many more symptoms of mental/emotional/spiritual disharmony.
  • Physical health – fitness, agility, balance, coordination, stress, energy, inflammation
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Healthy relationships with others and with Self
  • Mindfulness, consideration of others, and compassion


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