Sometimes they say to get a job, it is who you know but to keep the job it is what you know. We are excited to offer Wilderness Apprentice (level 1 and 2) training camp for young teens. This program offers a week of training that can be used across all career/job choices. This program has two parts to it and each level the skills and responsibilities increase.

First Part: The week is full of fun training and team building activities and skills. Thursday night will be a team building overnight campout. Each participant will learn skills that will equip them to take a leadership role with their peers and to assist in leading camps.

Second part: A week of volunteer where they use what they learn in real life camp with youth. During this time, their skills they learned will be used in real life situations under the guidance of a mentor. By offering a safe container to gain practical experience using their training, participants will solidify what they have learned. They will earn recognition and certificates at the end of the volunteer week.

Some of the things we will be learning will be how to lead a group, naturalist skills like plant identification, bushcraft skills, first aid, behaviour management, how to be flexible, problem solve, navigational skills, story telling, songs,  and so much more. Each participant will grow in confidence, leadership, communication, problem solving, innovation, teamwork and more.

Ages: 12-16
Time: 8:00 am – 5:00pm
Date: July 2-5
Ganong Nature Park, 350 Todds Point Rd, Dufferin, NB E3L 3R8
Cost: $350
We also take installments to make it easier on your pocket book.



What the day looks like:

The day is scheduled rhythmically with contracting and expanding activities and skills. Participants will learn wilderness skills, first aid, knowledge of plants and trees, group management, positive behaviour guidance, lead games and activities, bushcraft skills, leadership skills, risk/benefit analysis, games, activities etc. All under the mentoring guidance of Red Wolf (Rhonda Sage) our Founder and one other staff.

Times are not added to “what a day looks like” because we go with the essential energy of the group.

What a Day Looks Like
Gather together, talk about the day
Play games
Work on Skills
Sit Spot/Journalling
Work on Social/Management Skills
Play a game
Free Time to work on Skills/Projects
Gather things
Closing circle